Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Cool New Ribbons to go with the Cool New Stamps!

Just thought I'd share the VERY cool ribbons that we have recently gotten in stock at 2RedBananas. The leaves are so very cool as they are faux suede and are really soft and have an awesome texture to add to your projects.!!

These ribbons are also faux suede on both sides, so when you tie bows or knots, it doesn't matter which side is showing, they both look the same. They are all really cool. While you're at the store looking at the new stamps and the samples we have with them, be sure to look at the ribbons as well!

Here is a sample I made with the olive suede leaves. You can get an idea of the size of them here too. They are sold by the yard and you get about 17 leaves in a yard! Fun stuff!!!


  1. Those are so cool!! On my wishlist they go!

  2. Jeanette...this card is awesome!! I love the flower growing out of the little shadow box!! I love these leaves...I can't get over how soft they are!!!

  3. Ver pretty card, Jeanette! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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